Thanks giving for Ms, Scott

I am thankful for my kindergarden teacher, Ms Scott. She helped me how to speak English for the first time. She always was there for me when I got scared. She teached me how to be respectful.

Ms Scott teached me how to use manners, and be respectful to other.s If I never knew how to be respectful I could have been in a lot more fights without knowing. I was able to help other kids in mad conversations that I broke up. Being respectful also helped in people getting to know me more.

Remote learning

I personally think online remote learning is more difficult. When you are at home, You feel like it will be easier but, In reality It gets harder then you think. One way is When you are doing work at home, You could always be hind family members/pets going in and out your room for stuff. Another reason is when you get stuck on a problem, The teacher, Altho she will be online, It will take longer, or maybe even not answer to get help when you are struggling on a problem. Finally, Online you could be having connection issues, You will be realing on your internet and google docs, Microsoft, Etc.

When you are at home, You could be getting distracted by family members, Or pets in house coming in rooms randomly. It gets hard to understand what teachers saying while your being distracted.

Wind Turbines

I want to be a wind turbine technician.  I will have many job responsibilities.  I will need to have a strong education. I will have very good outlooks.

These will be my job responsibilities.  You are going to work over 200 feet high in the air. You will need to learn over 12 months of training. You will need to really respond to any accidents.

I need skills and education. You will need to learn in a wind energy college. You need an associate’s degree. A very important one you will need skills to climb up the 200 feet in the air.

Job outlook is very good. A normal education with safety student can make over $48.200. The Wind Turbine job is a  very fast growing job on many places over 57%. I would work in the coast where near the beach is and nice and hot there and windy to make electricity.

I want to get a education for a wind turbine.  A Wind Turbine can help make electricity for the world  I advice you to get good education and to be safe climbing 200 feet high.

Katniss Tessie

Katniss and Tessie are different in some ways, but the same in some ways. katniss protected her family  but Tessie didn’t care at all. Neither katniss nor tessie wanted to be in the lottery. They both lived in dystopias.

Tessie and katniss where both in dystopia. They both had government that told them the rights. They both had lotterys. They both had deaths hunger games, lotterys.

Tessie felt careless about the lottery while Katniss was worried about the hunger games. Katniss said that Im feeling nauseous and so desperate. That shows that she felt scared/ about to phewk. while tessie said she was fine untill she was voted that shows that tessie is carelss about her family but herself.

Tessie family said “No! take my daughter” she sacrifice  but katniss said “No take me instead!” she went for the hunger games instead of her sister

They both lived in dystopia, But Katniss was protective to her family but Tessie was not protective and didn’t care.


I think we should rename a school on Cesar Chavez. He was working for the Latinos rights. He worked for the Latinos leader. He made farmers condition’s better.

He helped the farmers get a better condition he became the latinos leader he was working for latinos rights. he was helping the latinos get paid more.

Eric’s Life

I’m going to change 2020  in these three ways. I want to first play less video games because it is eating my brain. Secondly I want to help my dad on his company. Last I want to clean my room more often.


I need to play not much video games. The first  thing I will do to help me play less video games is tell my teacher to give me more homework to do so I can do it instead of playing video games. The second thing I’l do is charge my device’s less so when it dies i have to charge but wait the next day to charge. The third thing I will do is put my devices in a box and in a basement and lock it and get it back on the next day.


I want to help my dad on his dream car so I will help him on his company. The first thing I’l do is buy less shoes for school but have some still. The second thing I will do is work with my dad to build more money for him. The last thing I’l do is buy less toys,food,etc.


I want my room to be clean more. The first thing I’l do is use less cloth every day to make less drooling cloth drawers. The second thing I will do is use buy less cloths and get rid of some cloths to refreshing my drawers. The third thing I’l do is sleep a little less so my bed is most of the time made up/ cleaned.

Give Thanks

I am thankful for my Parents.

They are very helpful.

I see Kindness.

I love that they help me grow in my school.


I am thankful for my parents.

I feel hoped about my education.

I wounder if am doing better than last year.

I try my best at studying.

I can try to pass my exams.


I am thankful for my PC.

I know that my pc is expensive.

I understand that its expensive but it will help me.

I’m fortunate because it could help me when I am in college.

I dream of helping people using my pc.

I am thankful of my computer.


Based on the words and the actions of mr.Summers in shirly Jackson’s story the lottery I think he is soberled about the lottery.

My evidence is “well,now” mr. Summers said “soberly” guess we better get started and get this over with.

So this tells me that mr. Summers does not like doing the lottery.

Mr. Summer did the lottery and very thing but did not like the lottery.

World Peace

I want World Peace. I want to stop war. We dont want slaves I dont need bad people.

I want wars to change and stop. I will convince them to stop war. I would ban guns for no deaths or injuries for peace. I would stop the army for people to stay with families.

We cannot have slaves. I would send the leader to jail. I will release the slaves and help and teach them how to live. I would help them escape slavery.

I don’t want criminals killing. I would arrest jail a person who commit crime for a a year. I would not use curse words. I would send them to a faraway prison.


If we had after school with mis jants. I would want to play soccer or maybe chat/talk with friends or maybe draw or paint in art clas in gym and I would be nice if there was a phone activity where we could use are phones.

I would want to play soccer inside the gym and out of the heat with my friends in 6th/8th grade.

I would be nice of we could chat in the media center in the sofas and and play games with friends mobile.

I would like to draw with big posters in the gym and play with my friends and drawing contest.

I would like to use are phones in the media center with the sofas with friends and play computer games in the media center.